Practice Sessions: Joseph Dunphy's Site Reviews and Commentary - October 10th, 2011

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October 10th, 2011

02:06 am

Above: "Brazen Disregard" photo from the pool for my personal flickrgroup and yes, I know the place needs work. I'm getting to it.

Chicago at its best: In this photo and a few more to come, you're going to get to watch some laws get more than a little bent, as we watch another piece of Chicago's rapidly vanishing architectural heritage go away for no good reason; you're going to get to hear a part of the story that didn't get onto the news.

This Joseph Dunphy Homepage Webring site is owned by Joseph Dunphy, oddly enough.

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02:08 am

Honey, your skin art is killing the mood; could you turn it down?

Right: Illustration for the programmable tattoo article on Hacked Gadgets, a technology newsblog on the ring.

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02:11 am

Right: Taken from a performance video by Keith Michael Johnson, which I found on the Bubbles Video Frame Page on DewsWorld.

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02:12 am

Above: Thumbnail of picture from the GrailQuest story on PrivyPages, a site run by an antique glass collector who digs for his treasures, who, recalling a past excavation, decides to share ...

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08:51 pm

Left: Still shot from a video of a performance by David "Honeyboy" Edwards, which I found on "Had to Blog Today", a weblog focused on the Blues, found on the ring.


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09:00 pm

Left: August 12, 1877 ... Thomas Edison, anticipating the creation of the Vinyl Fanatics website, decides to invent the phonograph.

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09:02 pm

Above: Thumbnail of screenshot from one member site on the ring, a page devoted to the work of the artist, Jeffrey Spalding, to be reviewed here. Should that site ever go down, it might be preserved in this location in the Internet Archive.

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